Australia Integrated Exploring Camp for Food and Nature Lovers

比較兩地飲食習慣差異 近距離接觸大自然






"Encounter the Marine Life"

LEE Hoi Ying (Food Safety and Environmental Health, Year 2)

Australia is a country with a lot of beautiful natural scenery. We have visited various famous spots including Kangaroo Island, Remarkable Rocks, Admiral’s Arch and Pinnacles Desert. In particular, the visit to the Lobster Shack and Seal Bay was one of the most memorable activities during the trip.

The Lobster Shack was a lobster factory with long history dealing with complete lobster processing and serving fresh lobster meal. From capturing of fresh lobsters, transporting to the factory, grading of size, quality and hygiene control to freezing, we had an opportunity to witness the whole process of the production. The temperature and PH Levels of the seawater were under careful scrutiny to ensure that the lobsters could be kept in a fresh condition. To my surprise, not all the lobsters caught were being slaughtered for sale. Those with heads which were smaller than 77mm must be released for the purpose of environmental conservation. In this way, the lobster population could be maintained in a steady rate. In short, I was very impressed by their professional techniques in dealing with food processing as well as their effort in sustainable fishing. The visit equipped me with a better understanding in the importance of food safety as well.

We were also lucky to see a lot of sea lions in a conservation park called Seal Bay. It was truly an unforgettable experience for me to walk among them along the shore. Instead of feeding these endangered creatures regularly, the conservators of the park maintained a clean and safe living environment for them. Satellite and data recorder were being attached to each of them so that researchers and conservators could get more details about their daily lives and their migration pattern. These data would be very essential to the work of environmental conservation. The park was also an important education resources in raising the awareness in wildlife conservation among the public.

Apart from being the origin of our food, animals are actually interrelated to us in many ways. For no doubt It is our responsibility to protect our mother nature. As a student studying Food Safety and Environmental Health, I was much inspired by what I met during trip and would like to contribute more in environmental conservation in the future.


"Relax, Eat, Drink and Learn!"

TSOI Ting Fong Margaret (Nutrition and Food Management, Year 2)

Perth is a place with a lot of beautiful natural scenery. While I was sitting on the grass in the Kings Park and Botantic Garden, there were a lot of birds and animals around us which made me feel very relaxed. That was a special experience for me as we can seldom find this kind of environment in Hong Kong. Also, I noticed that the parks were very clean although there were only a few rubbish bins there. I believed that it was due to good civic education in Australia, so people are more responsible and considerate. I think we can also do the same in Hong Kong.

The visit to the Lobster Factory was another valuable experience worth mentioning. It was a lobster processing factory next to the Indian Ocean. The factory tour began with a video presentation on our boats, explaining how the lobsters were captured and delivered to the factory. Then, we stepped into the factory in person to witness how the lobsters were being washed, graded, packed and sent to various destinations around the world. I was not only impressed by the detailed operation procedures, but also the professional workers who handled every step in great care. The visit gave me a better understanding about the operation of the food processing industry as well as the human resources management in a factory.

Besides, we paid a visit to the Barossa Velley, a famous vineyard in Australia. I got an opportunity to walk along the planting site of grapes and taste a variety of wines there. The staff briefly introduced the background information of different wines to us. For example, the NV Gert’s Blend Sparkling Shiraz is a kind of sparkling table wine, which is suitable to serve with eggs, bacon or red meat like turkey and duck. The knowledge was helpful to my daily life, as well as my study about food combination and eating habit.