English Immersion Programme: York Study Tour

Understand Global Cultural Differences

25 June – 8 July, 2017
Tour Coordinator: Dr. YUE Kiu-Kwong, Dr. Theresa CUNANAN

30 CIE students spent three weeks studying in the UK in a continuation of the English Immersion Programme hosted by the University of York, established in the summer of 2016.

The aim of the study tour was to improve students’ capabilities in spoken and written English, as well as making them better understand global cultural differences through immersing them in British culture. By staying for three weeks with host families, the students personally learned about the UK way of life, and also gained unforgettable memories of living in a foreign land, far away from the comfortable environment of Hong Kong.

Students also studied on weekdays at the University of York, where tutors taught them eye-opening topics, such as differences between British and American English, as well as important seminar and presentation skills. For their project, they also needed to interview local people in York, a challenging but rewarding task.

Besides studying, students also visited famous Yorkshire locales such as the seaside town of Whitby, the steam train station at the village of Goathland, the picturesque ruins of Fountains Abbey, and the market town of Harrogate. All in all, the students benefitted greatly from both their studies at the university and the valuable cultural experiences that they obtained throughout the three weeks in the UK.

"The trip has given me a lot of inspiration."

LAM Cheuk Nam, Anson (Business Administration, Year 2)

There were several reasons for me to join this study tour. Most importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to improve my English communicating skills. Besides, I would like to know more about the British life and culture. The historical buildings and foreign culture were also the spotlights that had drawn my attention to join the program.

As planned, I got lots of opportunities to train up my English communication skills at the University of York. I had benefited from all of the projects, seminars and lessons from lecturers. What I really did not expect was that I even benefited more by living with my host family. The key that made my host family become so special was that there were two more international students living there, one from Spain and one from Switzerland.

At the beginning, I was so worried that I could not find common topics to talk with them. However, in order not to waste this precious opportunity to enhance my language skills, I took the initiative to talk to them. We had a long chat about our own cultures, relationships between Hong Kong, China, and the UK.

The trip has given me a lot of inspiration. Next year, I would be officially a year 3 university student. There would be lots of international students coming to Hong Kong and they would become my classmates or even roommates. I am sure the experience from York has built up my confidence to keep using English in daily life.