IT Facilities & Service

Wi-Fi Service

Network Name :   BU-Standard (2.4 GHz) & BU-Advanced (5 GHz)
Security Type :   WPA2-Enterprise
Authent. & Encrypt. :   AES & PEAP-MSCHAPV2

Wi-Fi Covered Area

Floor Covered Area (except staircases & toilets)
  • Lift Lobby
  • Bioeco, Food & Nutrition Science Lab
  • Creative Science & Psychology Lab
7/F - 11/F
  • Lift Lobby
  • Classrooms & Multi-Functional Room
  • Sky Garden
  • Press Conference Room
  • Language Lab & Lecture Theatre
  • Multi-Media Lab
  • Counselling & Career Development Resource Centre
2/F - 5/F
  • Lift Lobby
  • Interactive Commons & Student Common Area
  • Podium Garden (Covered Area) & Podium Activites Room
  • Library, Gymnasiums & Fitness Room
G/F - 1/F
  • Lift Lobby
  • Main Entrance
  • Auditorium Foyer, Exhibition Gallery

PC Kiosks & Printing Service

PC Kiosks

PC Kiosks are available at 1/F Learning Commons, 1-4/F & 12-14/F Lobby and login with SSOid credentials.

Quota Printing Service

"Follow-U Print" is a printing service, which aims at facilitating students collection of print-outs easily in any linked up Fuji-xerox photocopiers by using own Student ID Card or SSOid to sign-on at the printing machines.

"Follow-U Print" printing service is available only at:

  • 1/F Learning Commons
  • 1-4/F, 8/F & 10/F & 12-14/F Lobby Areas
  • Multi-media PC Labs (Rm 710, 711, 810, 811, 910, 911 & 1010)

Octopus Printing & Photocopying Service

"Octopus Card Payment" printing and photocopying service (B/W & Color) is available at 1/F Learning Commons and 4/F Library.

Warning to Users of Copying Devices:
If a user breaches any legal restrictions on copying of copyrighted materials, the user shall be liable for any claims, liabilities, costs and damages that the University may suffer as a result of his/her infringement on an indemnity basis.

Learning Commons

Equipped with over 100 sets of computers, iMac circle with Apple computers, printers and scanners @ShekMun with a leisure learning environment.

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri Sat
0800 - 2200 0930 - 1700

Rules and Regulations

Please click "Rules & Regulations for users of Learning Commons & Computer Labs" for details.

Legitimate Users

  1. Facilities in the venues are for the use of students and staff of the College of International Education.
  2. CIE Student / Staff Identity (ID) Cards are the valid identification for entrance to the Learning Commons. To safeguard the use of facilities to legitimate users, students / staff entering the Learning Commons must present their cards.
  • Bring your Student Card
  • Keep venue clean and tidy
  • Eat & Drink
  • Last-minute printing before class
  • Reserve computing places with personal belongings

Quick Guide to IT Services

Access to Adobe CC (CIE Part-time Staff & Students)

Access to Adobe CC (CIE Part-time Staff & Students) guideline
Access to Adobe CC (Students)