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Multi-disciplinary Research Centre

The Multi-disciplinary Research Centre (MRC) was established by the School of Continuing Education (SCE) in January 2016 with the Institutional Development Scheme funding of the Competitive Research Funding Exercise for Local Self-financing Degree Sector of Research Grants Council.

The MRC aims to build up the research culture and capacity of SCE in the three strategic areas, namely Active Living, Social Science, and Testing and Analytical Science.

Active Living Laboratory

Located on 5/F HKBU Shek Mun Campus, the Active Living Lab (ALL) serves as a research laboratory for academics, researchers and students to engage in active living and health-related research. It is to inspire the community of all generations to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.

ALL is equipped with a variety of facilities to inspire the research process ranging from cardiovascular and respiratory fitness assessment, muscular strength and endurance assessment, body composition assessment to anaerobic fitness assessment. Key equipment includes treadmill integrated with CPX system, back-chest-leg dynamometer and Body Composition Analyzer.

Social Science Research Laboratory

Located on 9/F HKBU Shek Mun Campus, the Social Science Research Laboratory (SSRL) serves as a non-CATI phone survey and data analysis platform for academics, researchers and students to engage in research activities related to social science. The VC log system is equipped with the phone recording, remote control features and Web-based survey software. In addition, SPSS is installed to support data analysis.

Testing and Analytical Laboratory

Located on 12/F HKBU Shek Mun Campus, the Testing and Analytical Laboratory (TAL) serves as an environmental science research lab for academics, researchers and students to engage in environmental-related research. Key equipment includes inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer, freeze dryer, air sampler, core sampler, resistograph and tomograph, facilitating air, water, soil, tree, biodiversity and environmental health studies.