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Dr. Joseph W.T. Chan 陳宏達博士

Academic Co-ordinator and Lecturer, Financial Technology / Generic Content - GE Level 2 Interdisciplinary Thematic Courses (Science, Technology and Society) - Digital World / Generic Content - Free Electives (IT), Division of Applied Science 3166

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught:
  • ELSS2112 Mobile Computing
  • ELSS2111 Blockchain Technology and Applications
  • FCQR1100 Making Sense of Data and Statistics in the Information Age
  • FINT2100 Computer Programming and Application Development
  • FINT2103 Financial Technology Project
  • FREL1102 Essentials of Information Management Technology
  • TCSC2100 Digital World

Research Interests

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Theoretical Computer Science