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CIE students attend international debate tournament in Macau

11 May, 2015

Five CIE students participated in the 1st Macau Parliamentary Debate open from April 25th through April 26th hosted by the Macau English Debating Association at the Macau Polytechnic Institute. The tournament was an international competition drawing teams from Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China. The tournament consisted of 5 preliminary rounds and 3 elimination rounds. Each of the rounds lasted approximately 90 minutes (roughly 30 minutes for preparation and 1 hour for speaking).


The tournament gave students an opportunity to refine their public speaking skills in a fun, competitive context. According to Dr. Lucas Scripter, coach of the CIE Debate Club, CIE's first time participating in a debate tournament was an encouraging success. CIE student Arisha Leung (Cultural Studies, Year 1) described the event as an "unforgettable competition." Drawing on their background knowledge in a range of subjects, students debated a wide variety of topics including: education policy, international relations, athletics, democratic movements, and the relation of business to society. On top of providing students a chance to display their knowledge and polish their rhetorical skills, it was also an occasion for team-building and networking with peers from across Asia.