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Environmental Conservation Studies students participate in Tree Risk Assessment and Management Workshop

11 May, 2015

In view of the growing environmental awareness and public safety concern for the needs of tree management, there is an increasing demand for tree specialists in Hong Kong. To encourage students to learn more about the basic knowledge and skills about tree inspection and risk assessment, about 20 Environmental Conservation studies (ENCS) students were invited to participate in a professional workshop jointly organised by CIE and Muni Arborist Limited on 23 April.   


During the workshop, Mr. Desmond Tang, certified arborist from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and qualified tree risk assessor from the Muni Arborist Limited, taught the students the basic theories and demonstrated practical skills of using Resistograph to assess tree health. In addition, Mr. Desmond Tang took ENCS students to a nearby site to inspect urban trees and talked about the basic biomechanics of a tree to explain the theories and procedures of Visual Tree Assessment.


By participating in this professional tree risk assessment and management workshop, students gained valuable experience to see how a Resistograph can help reveal internal defects, such as decay, change in density, voids, cracks, as well as growth rate, and meanwhile recognise the importance of tree risk assessment and management in local context.


HKBU CIE will launch four new Concentration Studies in the new academic year and Tree Management is one of them. For more information about the programme, please visit our website at