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CIE organises cross-cultural exchange tour with Creighton University in Hong Kong

28 Jan, 2016

Students from CIE’s Division of Business and International Club joined visiting American students from Heider School of Business of Creighton University for a cross-cultural exchange tour in Hong Kong this month. Creighton students led by Dr. Andrew Gustafson and Dr. John Wingender toured around Central and Sheung Wan districts with CIE students led by Dr. Lucas Scripter, Dr. Gordon Wong and Mr. Eric Lau.

Sites on the tour included the Mid-levels Escalator, Sun Yat-Sen Historical Trail, Upper Lascar Row, Y.M.C.A. and Man Mo Temple. The journey concluded with a trip to Oi Man Sang Kitchen for a cross-cultural exchange dinner. 

The tour provided CIE students with the opportunity to learn about American culture while sharing Hong Kong culture with visiting students. Chan Ven Zen Janet (Year 2, Tourisum and Hospitality Management) expressed that the students had learned a lot from the American students throughout the tour: “Apart from gaining a deeper understanding about the lifestyle and dining style in America, I was so glad that the tour had bolstered her confidence in communicating with foreigners.” 

The cross-cultural exchange tour was widely received as a positive and rewarding educational experience, as Kung Sin Ping Vickie (Year 1, Marketing) also remarked that through exchanging our ideas and interesting findings, she was able to make new friends quickly. All in all, the tour was an opportunity not only for cultural exchange but also for the formation of international friendships.