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CIE Division of Applied Science organises a visit to Octopus Cards Limited to learn how technology changes our living

22 Apr, 2016

The Division of Applied Science had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Octopus Cards Limited, one of the world leading smart card payment systems serving over 1.57 million customers daily in Hong Kong.

About 15 participants including AD students and lecturers were warmly greeted and introduced with the company history and product development. It was followed by a presentation by the technical team on how Octopus cards enhance the local merchants to have efficient and secured transactions in business operation. Students found the sharing interesting and treasured the opportunity to raise questions. The last part of the visit was a product tour to the gallery which showcased the applied technologies and products in the early and latest stages.  

Martin Tai (Computing Studies, Year 2) appreciated the wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Octopus Company and how their technology has benefited society. Ada Cheng (Tourism and Hospitality Management, Year 1) regarded the visit as an eye-opening experience. The extensive service of Octopus such as online shopping payment and on-line registration have aroused her curiosity to find out more about Octopus and their future development plans.