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An Experiential Trip to Zhuhai

25 Apr, 2016

A group of 23 CIE students, led by CIE lecturers and alumni of HKCIE and HKBU United International College (UIC) made a two-day trip to Zhuhai on 25-26 March 2016. Participants expressed that their gains far exceeded their initial expectations. One important message they got from the live examples of students studying in a mainland university was that they should focus not only on scores but also set clear and achievable goals for their future.

In addition to the visit to UIC, the highlight of the trip was a visit to two new companies set up by young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and Mainland China. At the visit to Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligence Technology Ltd., students were offered to see the technology advancement in using robotic water samplers and inspectors to monitor the water quality. As shared by the entrepreneur of Bee+, it was learnt that entrepreneurship is hard. Success is not only through hard work and perseverance, but it also takes time, opportunities and interpersonal networks.