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Leadership and Experiential Learning

Aiming at inspiring students’ whole person development, the Office of Student Affairs of HKBU and CIE’s Student Development Centre are offering a wide variety of services and activities, including academic and career consultation, leadership training, internationalisation and global exposure, service learning, guidance counselling and many more. Students will discover their own potential, nurture the ability of self-learning, and make informed choices on studies and career in the face of the ever changing needs of society.

Leadership trainings aim at enhancing the self-confidence, responsibility and team work in student leaders. It is a very rewarding experience in developing their competencies through a variety of training and giving them opportunities to serve as College representatives to further enhance their leadership qualities.

CIE Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador programme is designed to cultivate students’ leadership through collaborative experience of organising meaningful events. Student Ambassadors can enrich their college life by representing CIE to meet and greet guests in official events and organising activities for the College and community.

CIE Student Ambassador Leadership Training Camp -Think out of the box training

CIE Student Ambassador Leadership Training Camp -High wall team challenge

CIE Student Ambassadors

CIE Student Ambassadors providing service - English Public Speaking Contest

SDC Editorial Team

SDC Editorial Team aims to nurture members’ ability of self-learning and facilitate the relationship between students and the College. Members will discover their own potentials and develop their professional skills by applying the knowledge acquired at CIE into their publications.