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Peer Mentorship Programme

Aiming at inspiring students’ whole person development, the Office of Student Affairs of HKBU and CIE’s Student Development Centre are offering a wide variety of services and activities, including academic and career consultation, leadership training, internationalisation and global exposure, service learning, guidance counselling and many more. Students will discover their own potential, nurture the ability of self-learning, and make informed choices on studies and career in the face of the ever changing needs of society.

Leadership trainings aim at enhancing the self-confidence, responsibility and team work in student leaders. It is a very rewarding experience in developing their competencies through a variety of training and giving them opportunities to serve as College representatives to further enhance their leadership qualities.

Peer Mentorship Programme

Peer Mentorship Programme aims to provide knowledge about studying in CIE, support and resources for new year 1 students, and helping new students to establish friendly networks between other students.

Throughout the programme, new students will have the chance to meet and know some senior students (mentors) from different divisions through mentoring services and activities. New students will adapt quickly to the new learning environment.

The meaning of life is devoting and giving but not receiving because it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Hau Wing Yi
Mentor of AY2021
My name is Queena. I am very honoured to participate in the Peer mentorship programme. Getting along with mentees made me feel a strong sense of connection. This wonderful feeling is unmatched by other things. At the same time, while helping and answering the confusion of mentees, I also unconsciously reflected on myself. This kind of reflection is undoubtedly a great contribution to my progress. I sincerely hope that more and more people can participate!
Qiu Jiayan
Mentor of AY2021
Peer Mentorship Programme let me know how to lead others and apply in cycling aspects.
Phoebe Chan
Mentor of AY2021

Mentors successfully completed the Peer Mentorship Programme and received the graduate certificates!